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    My wife decided to link and organize all of my contacts on the phone, and because of my laziness, its paid off.

    One thing she did figure out for me was that the "job title" field is NOT searchable through Universal Search.

    The 'Company' field is however. She decided to take all of the company names in my contacts out of the company field and put them in the 'job title'' field, and then changing all of the company fields to either PERSONAL, FAMILY, WORK. I thought this was neat as I was able to search my contacts by typing the category. I know you could just search for a persons name, just thought this was a neat idea and figured someone would want to use this.

    I did figure out that the 'company' field is only searchable by exact term, and not 'keyword' like.
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    Interesting. Does it syncs with google contacts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by glorifiedg View Post
    Interesting. Does it syncs with google contacts?

    Yes, as a matter of fact it does. It doesn't create a category as you can with the google contacts, but, it does allow you to search through the contacts the same way on the contact search bar in GoogleMail.

    When I typed FAM all of my family contacts showed up. So, yes it does sync it to the Google Contacts account. If thats what your asking... ???
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    Nice idea, JohnnyPre.

    By the way, your avatar is hilarious!
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    I needed that. Thanks!
    I wish I still had my Pre Plus. I miss it.

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