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    When I take the back cover off of my Pre, I see a pair of contacts that are part of the cover.

    What are those there for?
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    Touchstone chager. Connects to the battery
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    from the factory? For real?
    I thought you had to buy those separate.

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    Who is your service through, they came standard on most plus models.

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    is your back cover a dull "rubberized" finish or glossy plastic finish? The Touchstone backs are rubberized looking.
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    I thought the stupid question of the day was "Where do I get the ThunderChief Kernal?"

    Your question is not stupid at all.
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    I have AT&T, and yes, the back cover is rubberized looking.

    I've said it before, but the lack of documentation accompanying the Pre Plus really is shameful.
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    Sure sounds like a touchstone back... rubber-looking and contacts on it... yep.
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    if the inside of the cover has "guts" it's ready for the touchstone, if it's just plastic only with absolutley nothing on the inside, it's a standard back. But on the touchstone back, those contacts are an extension of the battery and adds the touchstone functionality. (magnet and wireless functions for charging)
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    I had to look it up and see exactly what it does. Pretty neat little device, and Amazon has them for less than $20 for shipping and all.

    Now I have to decide if I can actually justify buying something ELSE for this thing.
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    The Touchstone is well worth the money! It also saves wear and tear on the USB connector on your phone, so think about it from that point of view.
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    Touchstone backs comes with the Verizon & AT&T Palm Pre Plus phones.
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    I already did. I'm concerned, too, about that little door on the side. I read a post maybe two days ago where someone was asking how to get that replaced.

    Now where did I put that credit card? hmmmm..

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