I wanted to share how I found 3g web surfing happiness with my Ubuntu laptop and my Palm Pre. First, the sad tale: Verizon's Mobile Hotspot and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx don't get along-- apparently Ubuntu keeps pinging the Pre and you get constant, annoying disconnect/reconnects. Next I tried "MyTether" which stayed connected, but after a few minutes, no data. Still connected, yes, but nothing coming through from the 'net.

Then a bit of serendipity. I was getting tired of futzing with wifi so, for grins I turned on bluetooth on my Pre and on my laptop, experimenting with that connection instead. You'll forgive me please for not recording everything in detail, but there was the usual permission granting on both sides. But so what? My laptop and my Pre are connected by bluetooth but I can't seem to do anything interesting with that... back to experimenting with wifi. But wait! Now, in addition to the wireless networks, my laptop network manager sees a device with lots of numbers and "PANU" at the end. I click and voila! I'm connected to the 'net through my Palm Pre. And at speeds quicker than the wifi (or so it seems to me, I haven't run any tests.)

I've done this now several times and it's working great. I did just get disconnected a moment ago (probably because I'm taking so long to write this I timed it out), but I'm back up in a jiffy.

Hope this helps some others. Maybe an expert on one or another of these issues can provide a better explanation, but I'm happy!