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    I searched for 'keyboard', 'misingkey' ,'missing letter' ect, but I cant find any posts about how the Pre doesn't always type the letters you press.

    Has there been any fixes for this?

    The worst part of it is that my PC does the same thing at home ad I cant fix that either.

    At this point, anyone I know thinks I can't typ for &*%%&*.

    Any help is much appreciated...

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    Nope. Sucks.
    Happens on my pre plus all the time. It used to double type, but it hasn't happened anymore, now it just misses some letters once in a while. I can live with that.
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    make sure you have as it had a fix for dropped letters.

    Also, I read another thread here where the person had sprayed wd-40 on their keyboard - and it solved the problem of a stuck key...
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    Haha...seriously? I would be hesitant to spray wd-40 on anything, let alone a device with sensitive electronics....the stuff is crap!

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