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    I am green. Just activated my Pre yesterday. I had already been searching for this before I ever got the Pre and I had come across alot of 'references' in this forum, but.... I'm lost. I can't figure how to find exactly what I want or how to download anything.

    From what I'm seeing, it looks like 'Preware' has what I need 'somewhere', but how do I get 'Preware'?

    What I'm looking for is away to have the audible alert for SMS repeat every so often. I am on call and need something more than looking at the phone a every few minutes to be sure I haven't missed a text.
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    patch called notification repeat
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    Instructions for installing Preware:

    Application:Preware - WebOS Internals
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    Thanks Lclarkjr. I was on the mobile forum in a break before a meeting and couldn't get them everything they needed.

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