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    I searched the forums for this issue but couldn't find anything. I purchased a touchstone yesterday and it works great except....when the phone reaches full charge the touchstone seems to turn off, and then turn on again a few seconds later and starts charging again. I confirmed this by actually watching it. The screen will go from the clock display to home screen and the battery icon will be green with no lightning bolt in it. Then about 5 seconds later the icon goes white, the phone dings, goes back to charge with the clock display. This cycle continues over and over. Is this normal? It doesn't do this when I have the cable plugged in directly into the phone.

    Palm Pre
    Bell Mobility

    Patches: 4x4Iconsv1, Add Date MM/DD,Default to Month View, Device Warning Temperatures, Enable Add/Delete Pages, Glass Effect, More Reminder Times, SMS to Two Seconds, Unhide Dev Mode, Unthrottle Download Manager
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    I have 2 touchstones, one of which I bought last winter the 2nd when radio shack started its clearance sale. The one from last year I don't have any trouble with, but the one from RS does the same thing. I always took it as a reminder ringer that the phone was charged and removed it.

    I know that isn't really the answer that you were looking for, especially if it is your only touchstone, it can be a real pain if that thing goes off all night.
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    You can mod the back cover to remedy this. There's an easy mod thread with clear instructions by Richard Rosenberger.
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    I have exactly the same problem. The original one that I bought with the phone did it so I returned it and got a new one which worked fine. About nine months later, I purchased a second one to use at home and it has the same problem. I don't use it a lot so not that big of a deal - just a bit annoying!

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