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    I read in this forum about Simon's Card (Simon Malls - Shopping Malls, Mall Stores, Gift Cards) as an alternative to non US users but with devices activated in US (and so with US Apps available in Pre). Does it really work? Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Okay, just bumping...
    Or any othe idea about how can I use a "US card" if I do not have one?
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    Sorry... bumping again..
    While Paypal not available... I'm missing so much paid apps! And they are 50 off!

    Any suggestion or comment? Please...
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    If Rod says it works, it works.
    Just "pull a nike".
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    yep it works, the simon cards, are just prepaid visas. I'm not outside the country but i've used them to buy stuff all the time, never failed me yet.
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    Okay but how can I "register it" to use online? Instructions says that it will be necessary

    *Account number on the front of card:

    *Security code:

    but if card will be sent to a US address (relative) I will have to ask the security code to my US relative?

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