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    Latest news:Google Voice for everyoneTue Jun 22 2010
    A little over a year ago, we released an early preview of Google Voice, our web-based platform for managing your communications. We introduced one number to ring all your phones, voicemail that works like email, free calls and text ...
    We're open -- no invitation required! Create an account or just sign in with your existing Google Account.

    Straight from the google voice site
    CLICK HERE: and see for yourself

    A simple Thanks will do, for those that didn't know about this information.
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    Good to know.
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    Yeah. Now if someone would finally come out with a Google Voice app that will show me my Inbox and let me pick and choose what voicemails to listen to. The "new" mobile website has no PLAY button for your voicemails, even though demos show it on their screens (iphone, no less). You have to go back to "old version" to get the play link, which kind of defeats the purpose of the "new" mobile website.

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