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    I need some help from all the experts in this forum. I think i just bricked my Pre.

    Got the AT&T Palm pre plus with webOS 1.4.2 last week, put in developer mode to install preware, everything is fine until yesterday when i want to install the IM plugin using the WebOS Quick Install. I received some error messages about luna (i cant remember), and then the phone restarts by itself. And i am now stuck at the palm logo forever (not blinking)

    I did try with the soft reset (Orange+Sym+R) it restarted, but stuck at the same palm logo. Remove the battery, put it back after 10 min, still the same. When i try with WebOS Repair utility 2.1, i have a message that the webOS doctor version is not the same with the one loaded on the phone, which i downloaded over the palm website for AT&T, its build 123.121. Then i try to run webOS doctor, it recognize the phone, the phone has big USB sign on the display, but when its starting to restore, webOS doctor stuck at 1%!

    Waited over 8 hours (overnight), and still 1%. Is there anything else i havent done? Tried with push the volume up button while installing the battery, same result. tried uninstalling Java 1.6b20, still the same. The WebOS doctor will not restore the phone, its stuck at 1%! Just because of one IM-plugin, it can brick my Pre that easily?


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    My first question is, is the I'm plugin compatible with the at&t plus version?

    I would first try the repair utility with overide compatibility on, once again but this time dwonload the doctor from page to see if this is any different?

    I don't know how well running an old version of doctor will work, but all you need to do really is run an old doctor and then run the at&t plus doctor straight after.

    There might also be something useful here
    How To Recover - WebOS Internals
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    do you think it's a good idea to run old webos doctor on newer version devices? I read on support, it might get you an error message. But I will give it a shot, wouldn't get any worse than it already is.

    the other thing, is there any specific condition where you can use the webos doctor? Can't you just flash your pre whenever you like? Ie. "doctorable" condition.
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    oh nevermind. i found out it was a bad webOS doctor file. Redownloaded from palm website and now the pre has been restored. thank you everyone. appreciate all the suggestions. and tips and tricks. thank you thank you.
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    glad you got it working - thank goodness I've never had to go that far...
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