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    I have been a loyal Palm user for years, starting out with a Zire 71, then finally going with a Centro, and have been frantic waiting for the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to be offered on AT&T. Well, it's FINALLY happened, but now I find out that the font size is not adjustable on either phone. The adjustable font size was one of the main selling points for me with my other Palm devices, and I can't believe it's not available on the Pre or Pixi! I am visually impaired, and while I *might* be able to get used to the small font size, I would hate to get the phone home and then find I get headaches from using it. (I went to an AT&T store yesterday to play around with the Palms, and did end up with a headache. ) And granted, the font on my Centro is smaller than the font on my Zire, and I DID get used to it, the font on the Pre and Pixi are smaller still, so I am still afraid to buy. Does anyone know if there are plans to fix this on the systems, or are there patches, apps, etc. that can help with this? Any idea if the handsets coming out in the fall will have adjustable fonts? I REALLY WANT TO BUY ONE OF THESE PHONES!!!!
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    Normally I don't reply to threads that are older than a week or two as I figure the info has been located or otherwise given. However in this case I figure it warrants a response for future inquiries in the matter. Because webOS is web technology (more specifically CSS) every single occurrence of font sizes can be changes via a patch. So by using webos quick install or preware anyone can use a patch to change the font size. Sure it isn't built in but I think they did a fairly good job using an in-between size that most are happy with. With that said simply request everything you want the font size changed in and patches can be made to alter them.
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