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    I have a Verizon Pre Plus running the latest software and Iím testing it's keyboard to see if the n key and g,h keys are any better after being lubricated with WD-40. I think it helped. But we will have to see over time. ďThe quick brown fox jumped over the lazy sheep dogs.Ē I think it is better since being lubed. What a great quick tip to share with my fellow Pre owners. It seems to help a great deal. No more missed letters after the lube. I don't know how long it will last, but my guess is "a while". And it only took 5 minutes. All seems to be well.... no more missed letters. Feels like a new keyboard. Definitely worth a try. Nothing to lose except that now Iím trying to type faster than my actual skills allow, which results in operator errors. But I can definitely live with that ... my own limitations..... As long as the hardware of my device isn't the problem! Definitely interesting! No more missed "n" strokes! That, in itself, is worth so much that I can't explain it. Plus the i, g, h and j keys were also starting to cause many problems. My speed has increased exponentially! Awesome!!! I am so extremely happy with my "new" keyboard that I can't even describe it! I feel like I have personally "refurbished" my beautiful Palm Pre Plus into a new and fresh version of the phone that I bought in February. It has some "mileage" on it, but now it "runs" like a new one! Not a single missed letter in the past 4000 characters!!! (with the exception of operator errors... which I am VERY excited about!) I love this "new" keyboard experience! I'm thoroughly enjoying my phone again, after much frustration with the keyboard. So fellow Pre owners, take a chance, and enjoy your phone again too! Awesome! WebOS and Palm rock! I'm an avid (though novice) tech nerd, and it is my belief that WebOS is without a doubt the Best mobile OS available today. (and I've researched them ALL!) ( Iím typing this to continue testing the keyboardÖ) Android is moving very fast, and with the defection of top designers from Palm, look to be poised to move even faster. But Palm is still unique, and best is class, for the moment..... We will see what the future holds. HP seems to be less than enthusiastic about mobile platforms, which I personally think is a sad mistake, but I'm also just a knowledgeable and educated consumer, not a multi-billion dollar CEO. For what it's worth...... I've typed this entire letter on my Palm Pre Plus keyboard that is 5 months old, and has just been "refurbished" (by myself), and it has not missed a single letter, and has been a complete Joy to type on. I simply want to spread the Joy with my fellow Pre owners as I relish the fun of a "new" old Palm Pre Plus with the simple "renewal" being a spray or 2 of WD-40. Good luck and best wishes to all my loyal fellow Palm Pre owners. And to you original Pre owners.... Thank you for taking a chance and supporting "our" Palm and keeping it alive. I only hope that this simple tip helps you enjoy the "fruits of your labor" in supporting our favorite mobile OS company.

    1. Slide open the Pre.
    2. Practice spraying the WD-40 in the air to get used to the spray pattern. (when you spray it onto your phone don't worry about moisture, the "WD" stands for "water displacement" ..... It will be alright. It works great on electronics.) Iíve noticed no negative effects.... It actually cleans and protects the electrical contacts, as well as the plastic surfaces - which is what needs to happed to fix the phone!
    3. Spray a slight mist of WD-40 on the keyboard, using enough to allow a small amount to work its way into the key mechanism underneath.
    4. Lay a paper towel over the keyboard and press all the keys quickly and randomly to work the WD-40 into every key, as well as dry off the excess. You can actually just drag your thumb across the keyboard rows several times to clean and dry it.
    5. Repeat.
    6. Next, spray a small amount into the cracks between the top half of the phone and the bottom half of the phone on all sides to lubricate the sliding mechanism.
    7. Open and close the phone several times to distribute the WD-40 to the sliding rails of the phone that get dry, and cause the phone to "stick".
    8. Repeat steps 6 & 7.
    9. Wipe the phone dry with a soft cloth, and polish it to "like new" condition.
    10. Enjoy your "new" phone.
    (This entire post was typed on my Pre without a single error from the phone. So Awesome!!!) Enjoy!
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    I wouldn't have had the guts to shoot lubricant on my phone. Are you adventurous enough to take your phone apart and figure out how to tighten the slider?
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    OK, so I was getting really frustrated with the Pre+ keyboard (had a pre on sprint prior to my pre+ on VZW and had NO keyboard issues). This is my 3rd pre+. They all start out fine, but within two weeks the keyboard starts acting up.

    Sooooo....I went ahead and tried this. What the heck, I've got insurance....

    It helped a lot! I typed an entire paragraph without a single missed letter. The letter "r" was my worst and it even worked without a hitch!
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    I've also tried it for the slider beautiful. (note) I have a sprint palm pre and I never have a keyboard problem, but a little lubricant won't damage it. Feels more clickier. Thanks a lot.)[COLGood lookin out.OR="black"][/COLOR]
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    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    IMO, The link you posted is for a very different application than how WD-40 is being used here.

    In the case of the pre, the WD-40 is being used to lube the keys where they come in contact or rub the "case" of the phone. I did not use anywhere near enough lube to get in/behind the keys and into the actual key mechanism/switch. Your link is a good point, but IMO not applicable here.

    My only concern is if the WD-40 will degrade the plastics. I've put it on plenty of plastics in other situations and never had an issue. Hopefully the same rings true with the Pre+. Only time will tell..... honestly, in my case, the keyboard was so frustrating that it was worth the risk.
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    This is definitely an interesting fix, but like some of the others have mentioned, I'd be weary of the plastic degradation.

    I'm sooooo tempted to try this out, but I think I will have to hold out and hope that subsequent WebOS updates will improve the keyboard issues.
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    After using the WD40 on my pre, i've notice some of the keys light on the keyboard was gone. There was also a liquid
    looking drain on the screen, that went away by leaving it on the touchstone charger.

    I did a doc on the phone, and took it in for repairs, and was giving a new one in a box.
    I'm just letting everyone know about my experience...
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    don't use! Highly Flamable, you can use for starting fluid in an engine. One spark and your Pre could go up in your pocket. And it doesn't completly dry up and leaves a residue that collects dust and dirt
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    Damn skippy... You right about that! I'm glad to have gotten a brand new pre. I'm glad palm told sprint not to open up the phones!
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    on that note Rush, is your new one free of problems? I'm thinking of getting a new one if only for a couple minor keyboard issues and some slight light leakage. I just don't wanna get a new one only to have NEW problems, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cr_8_tiv View Post
    on that note Rush, is your new one free of problems? I'm thinking of getting a new one if only for a couple minor keyboard issues and some slight light leakage. I just don't wanna get a new one only to have NEW problems, lol.
    It's awesome! Everything on it seem to work great. I think these last batch was fix a little different, than the earlier ones. If you return your phone make sure it as a visible problem.
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    To put my .02 in here you should not use WD-40 on any plastic surfaces. If left sitting it can and will degrade and melt the plastic. In addition it is a water displacement and lubricant it is not however a electronic contact conductor. I work in the tech industry and I hate it when inexperienced field techs think this is a good catch all lubricant (which it is not) because I usually have to fix the damage it can cause. I would just caution you that if you do use it you will likely see short term gains, but with a long term loss. WD-40 is great for metal surfaces, but not for plastics.

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