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    Hey boys and girls,

    Looking at setting up a home office with Network Attached Storage before I start law school.

    I plan to use the NAS for:

    1. Data Backup
    2. FTP Remote Access
    3. Print Server
    4. Media Server

    While that's all fine and dandy for the computers in my household, I was wondering what can I do with my Palm Pre and NAS. Any ideas or experiences?
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    If the NAS supports Windows clients, you could setup samba on your Pre to connect. First we should find out what protocols the NAS supports to find the best fit.
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    Thanks Nick...

    I haven't even purchased my NAS yet. I'm leaning towards a Synology ds210j.

    The above links to the device's spec sheet which gives the protocols it supports.

    I'm a bit unlearn-ed when it comes to technology. I am, however, willing to finally embrace my inner tech geek (the Pre started me down this path).

    It looks like Samba is supported through the CIFS networking protocol!

    I look forward to setting it up in the near future. I'm wondering what I can do with Samba on my Pre. Based on threads I've seen here I can set up my Pre as a network drive when I'm at home which is awesome. Is there any way to set it up to print pdfs from my Pre through my NAS print server? Does Samba allow me to have ftp remote access to my NAS?

    I'm so new to all of this I don't have any idea of what is or is not feasible.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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