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    I wanted to remove the kernel which is the .sh version instead of the .ipk version due to overheating issues. I would guess that I could remove it by the linux commandline in WOSQI but the only instructions that I could find dealt with the 1351 kernel. I assume that I just switch the 1351 for 1.4 to uninstall?
    When I looked at the root directory with Internalz it also showed ockernel-bak.tar. Do I need to do anything with this also? Or does that get changed with the removal of the

    I've been more than happy with the speed but feel like I should change to the ipk so that when the OS gets updated I can more easily remove the ipk until after the update. Also, with the overheating issues and living in Miami, I need to be able to experiment with other speeds when I'm away from the desktop and WOSQI.
    I would also like to donate for the time and hard work but couldn't reach CAJ2008 through pm as his message box is full.
    Sorry that I couldn't find the answers on the forums but some of the threads are now 125 pages long and I couldn't get the search on PreCentral to narrow it down enough to help me out.
    Any suggestions towards steering me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall

    webos quick install, linux command and paste the above
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    So that takes care of the ockernel-bak.tar also? I didn't want to leave something partially uninstalled the would cause issues with a different version of overclocking.
    Thanks for the fast response.
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    just run the command above and it will handle it all.

    note: it will take up to 3-5 minuteds from start to finmish and your pre will reboot
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    I'm trying to uninstall the 720 patch, can I assume that it's mostly the same idea?

    sh /var/home/root/ uninstall ?

    I tried that and no deal
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    I don't really understand why I can't find any info on this, all the original threads have had their instructions deleted. I don't browse here very often and I can't seem to find ANY info on getting this kernel off my Pre. I see the 1.4.1 Palm recovery kernel on Preware but I'm unsure that I can use that with my Sprint Pre.

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