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    Okay, I have a complicated problem. First off, I would like to use sprint tv to watch world cup games on my phone, however sprint tv hasn't been able to load since after the last update. I've seen others with this problem and it seems the solution is either a partial erase or webos doctor. But i've also seen that after doctoring or partial erasing a pre you need to reinstall preware, which requires wosqi, which I can't. I have had the horrible luck of having the usb connector on my pre being broken(the phone slot, not the wire). It's not covered by the warranty, so i've had to do without connecting to my computer since. So my question is, is it possible to do a partial erase or fix the sprint tv without losing preware for good?
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    Any erase will delete preware.. You might wanna try return the phone for repairs. You might be lucky to have them exchange it. Good luck!
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    So is your pre's usb broken? If your pre is still under warranty and you have not broke the usb through physical damage then you covered for them to fix it. I'd go looking to get the usb fixed.

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