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    Hey guys, just go my palm pre plus with ATT. I like the phone but the keyboard is sort of hard to use. is there an app that would puts an onscreen keyboard so one can use that? that would make this phone awesome. thanks in advance for anyone's input.
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    There's a rumour that the next software update (available in the next month or so) will include a native on screen keyboard. Alternatively you can download and install Preware and install the homebrew onscreen keyboard - however it is slightly buggy and has no auto-correct ability.
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    There are some virtual keyboards in the regular Palm app category. Problem is you have to cut and paste to send what you wrote.
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    You can get the virtual keyboard patch from preware. I use it and it works quite well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neville View Post
    You can get the virtual keyboard patch from preware. I use it and it works quite well.
    I got preware but when I open int up I don't have the virtual keyboard as an option. any ideas?
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    I think it's under mojo
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    Or go to list of everything an type virtual keyboard, it should come straight up.
    I think it is compatable with 1.4.2 so no reason why it wouldn't be there.
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    I use 'My Home Keyboard' and i'm very pleased with it. useful when I can't slide out the keyboard. It's pretty responsive to typing out my texts.
    tried the preware version but it was too slow.

    the developer is very responsive. I emailed him a few times and he replied literally within minutes.

    the downside is that you need to copy-paste but it's not that bad since it covers many applications directly such as google search, SMS and emails. also you don't need to copy - that is done automatically, you just need to paste so it's not that bad.
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    go to preferences and make sure everything is set to 'yes'. That might work.
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    I use the virtual keyboard in Preware, and I like it.. alot. Sure, it only works in certain cases and has a few bugs.. but so I.
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    halo, Dudes, I am not successfully installing the Virtual Keyboard through Preware when there is IPKG ERROR out there. What a reason out there ??

    Any other good VK in good shape and attractive other than the ones in webos quick install

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    I have no idea what i did, but i went to txt earlier today and a virtual keyboard showed up. I have NO IDEA how i did it.


    double tapping right/left side of gesture area whenever keyboard input is needed will bring up virtual keyboard. And it is larger if you hold phone sideways
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    From webOS internals:

    "Double-tapping the gesture area (near the round silver button) will bring up the on-screen keyboard if you are in a text input field."

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