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    This is my first post. Does anyone have any idea about the likelihood that there will ever be a voice memo app for the Pre? That is the only function that I really miss.


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    I'm sorry to show my ignorance, but where do I find zcorder? It isn't in the app catalogue, is it?

    many thanks
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    zcorder is a Homebrew app. You install webOS QuickInstall and use it to install zccorder. You can also use it to install Preware which is basically a Homebrew app catalog.
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    As an alternative (if you do not wish to go the homebrew route) you can purchase Classic for $30. The old Palm OS voice memo app works well with Cassic - problem is Classic takes a LONG time to start.

    I would recommend installing Preware and getting zcorder. Preware will also give you access to a bunch more cool apps and some awesome patches.

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