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    WiFi hotspots are very popular among smartphone users, especially if you don't have access to an cellular connection.

    But is it safe to open the webOS email client to receive and send emails if you are connected to one of them? When I got my Pre, I typed in my Google credentials and the Pre did the rest of the setup for me.
    Is Gmail now encrypted?

    If not, I think there's a huge risk, which many people aren't even aware of. Especially in days like these, where your Google profile contains your medical records, credit cards, emails, chats, potential Android profiles etc. it seems totally stupid to use email at a public WiFi hotspot if it's not fully encrypted.

    Please, can someone tell me that it is in fact safe and that I don't need to worry about it?^^

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    You have the option of changing your account settings, and one of the preferences is to use encryption, for both incoming mail and outgoing mail.

    When you are in the e-mail app, pull down the menu in the upper left corner of the screen, and choose "Preferences & accounts".

    Tap the account you want to modify.

    On the screen that appears next, scroll all the way to the bottom, and tap the button labelled, "Change login settings".

    On this screen, you have the option for SSL or TLS encryption of your login information for both incoming mail server and outgoing mail server.

    Your mail server from whatever service or ISP you are using has to support login encryption - I think most do these days, but it may not work. Just turn it on, and try to get and send some mail. Worst case is you get an error message.

    I don't think this encrypts all your e-mail data going to and from your device - just the login "conversation" that happens when you get your mail.
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    Thank you!

    I looked it up and, as you said, both incoming and outgoing traffic (probably just passwords, but better than nothing) were SSL-encrypted.

    Another way would be to do everything at the Gmal mobile website, which is 100% encrypted all the time, but it doesn't support sending attachments.

    Thanks for your help.

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