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    I can't login to many sites.I get error 2082,even my palm apps icon won't load.please help.
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    Hi refillwill, and Welcome to the P|C forums!

    What kind of device are you using, what carrier, and have you installed any patches?
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    palm pre pro bell patches installed
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    How long have you had the phone? Has this issue just happened, or is it something that has happened out of the box?
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    I've had the phone for two months.Its brand new,the palm apps problem is recent.I can't login to anything that requires a password.kijiji,ebay,zip
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    Also I get on sites and the pictures blocked,with a block with a ?
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    I would suggest 2 options... first, I would run the WebOS Repair Utility and let that see if it finds any issues with corrupt files on your device. If that doesn't solve the problem, and since you don't have any patches on the phone to have to replace, I'd run the Doctor.

    For the Repair Utility, read the directions on the first page of the thread and you will see what the 2 separate settings will do. I'd probably just run it in the default mode first. Try that and see before running the Doctor.
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    I can't downlaoad it,says not suported.Im not tech savy,if you could walk me through it.I would be ever gratefull.I can't get internet where I am,so this phone has to login for me.
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    Those programs have to be downloaded and run on your home computer with the Pre attached via USB. You run the Repair Utility on your computer and it scans your Pre's files to make sure none are corrupt or missing. The Doctor runs the same way, but will restore your device to it's factory settings. Neither can be run on the Pre itself.

    The other option would be to use Preware to install a patch on your device that would let you scan from your device menu. But if you don't already have Preware installed, the initial installation of Preware onto your device has to be done from from your home computer. Do you happen to have Preware installed?
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    I don't know,how do I find out?
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    I can't get access to the internet till later today.When would you be on again.I really appeciate your help.
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    You will know if you have the Preware app installed because you have to do it manually. I'll monitor this thread, so when you get back to a computer follow the links I gave you above run the WebOS Repair Utility. The link will have directions posted. Follow those and let me know what happens. We're here to help
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    I also have this issue. Palm Pre, Bell Mobility, 20 patches installed.

    I have spoken to Bell and Palm, and they have told me to do a full erase,
    which I haven't done yet.

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