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    Sorry to all - I know there are similar threads, but I looked at all of them and did not see any answers to my question - perhaps there isn't one... but I would greatly appreciate all assistance.

    I just got my first touchstone and don't want to shorten my screen/lamp/battery life or encounter the "blotches" others have described by leaving it in "nightstand mode" while charging - I just want to charge on my touchstone WITHOUT any display on the screen, just as I can when charging with straight USB. Don't want clock or lock or notifications, just blank dark screen. I see that most threads about this issue are old - I posted on the one that seemed closest, but the last post there was a couple of years old... tried the fixes those folks suggested (e.g. airplane mode worked for someone... another person suggested covering it which doesn't help with the lamp/screen/heat issue, etc.) but none worked for me. Hoping Palm has fixed this in the interim and someone can point me in the right direction??

    Again, apologies if this has been addressed more recently in a thread I missed; I did try to do a thorough search before beginning a new thread - and tried all the suggestions I saw posted, though the most frequent (old) posted response was that it can't be done... Thanks to you all for any help you can give!
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    Use preware and download the Brightness Unlinked app. It has an option to turn the screen off while on the touchstone. I use it every day.
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    Or you can set a trigger in Mode Switcher to turn the scren off when on the TouchStone.
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    I have used both of these, and while they will both work, I second NachoB. Mode Switcher is awesome, I call it a 'Vulcan Mind Meld' with my Pre. It does exactly what I want it to do, when i want it done. It's an the coolest thing.
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    Where do we find Mode Switcher?
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    Read first post, you need to add a custom feed to either WebOS Quick Install or Preware.
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    +1 for mode switcher. I have it set up so that when my phones on the touchstone at night (as in on my nightstand) the screen turns off. However when the phones on the touchstone during the day (as in when im driving) the screen never shuts off or even locks. I have several other modes set up. Its awesome!
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    also try "quick system tasks".... Very handy little app!

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