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    i am new to this forum so excuse my lack of knowledge or use of the correct terms and such..:-)!

    i have been having a problem with my pre, with the volume display staying on my screen and intermitently voluming down....(:-) lack of better description!). it does this without me touching anything and when i go to the sound/ringtone app, i can raise the volume but as soon as i take my finger off the slider it automatically goes all the way to itself!! i took the phn to sprint, but since it is a replacement phn thru asurion, i have to go thru them. after descibing my problem and them having me power the phn down to no avail, they are sending me a new question/problem is this, i've seen this same problem on this forum and i want to know if there is a fix that they(sprint or asurion) are unaware of happens!
    btw---the replacement program? u have to use the replacement company for a year b4 sprint can touch your ph again...very frustrating! asurion is fast in shipping , just sucks that u can't go to ur ouwn carrier for help! thanks in advance peeps!!
    still love my pre!
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    anyone...? i may have posted this in the wrong place so any input would really help...thanx!!!!
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    okay....losing my faith in precentral forum here.....if i posted this in the wrong place, can someone pls direct me in the right direction...pls...?? thank you.
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    Hi hifly808! Welcome to the P|C forums!

    Sorry your question wasn't answered right away - don't lose faith yet

    Have you installed any patches on your device since getting it, or is it still stock?
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    wow!!! thank you! ;-)! i did download apps, but even after webdoc it to basic i still got the same problem. while using the phone the volume would just cycle down to nothing and even after taking battery out, sometimes had to redo it just to get the volume back up. i did have a speaker volume app...removed it just in case, but same prob.
    i just got a new phone in the mail from asurion...any suggestions on keeping this one up and running smoothly(this is my 3rd pre...!)! again, thank you so much for responding!
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    Good to hear that you got a new one... the best thing I can suggest is take your time and enjoy the phone. We have a great forum for new users to show them all the tips, tricks, and features of webOS. Once you get the feel for the phone, take the next step and install Preware (easy to do). This app will allow you the ability to customize the Pre with tons of Patches, Themes, and applications.. Read some of the threads located in the Tip & Tricks forum like:

    Dig in and have fun! If you want to know how to conserve your battery, or speed up your EVDO connetion, there are threads for those tips too.

    Go forth and enjoy!
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    thanks soo much for ur input....funny that i'm a newbie! i've had the phone since the day it came out(yes, was number 12 in line..yehaw!), but just tried to figure it out myself for the most part up until maybe a few months! is 'preware" an actual app or do u mean apps in general? thanks again!
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    Preware is an app that you can install through Jason Robitaille's webOS Quick Install (WOSQI). You can use Preware to install themes, homebrew apps, and patches. You can now install kernals also. Its a great program. If your comfortable after reading up on the subject, it comes highly recommended. Enjoy!!!
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    okay, i just downloaded preware as well as filecoaster( that suggested!), aswell as a few other apps. now to look into "kernals"...? thanks to both of u for renewing my faith in this forum! :-)
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    I don't use filecoaster personally.... Everything I need is in Preware and QuickInstall. When in Preware, just go to "all applications" and start typing "uberkernal" and "Govenah". These are the two items you will need to get your Pre really moving.
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    awesome! thanks for the input...i might have to get rid of yesterdays model(coaster)...:-p! i need to do a bit more info on kernels...just to feel more comfortable with it. thanks yet again!!

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