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    I just migrated the memos from my Centro to my Pre - and the result is terrible: instead of having my memos organised in 15 categories in such a way that I can get at any memo in about five seconds, I now have three columns / 150 rows of post-its without any organisation to them at all, so I want to get rid of them completely, and access memos on the Pre exclusively via Classic.

    WebOS only appears to allow a memo-by-memo deletion.

    Is there a file containing all memos which could simply be removed by, for example, Internalz?

    If so, where can I find it?


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    In Internalz, I found Memos by this path: media/internal/palmos/datamgr/PALM_DM/MEMOSDB
    I suppose you could delete the file to remove all memos, but I'm not sure.
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    Thanks for the hint;

    strangely enough there is no MEMOSDB in that folder on my device, just the files from Classic.

    Even so, your info was very helpful, because I'd been there already, saw that the folder was empty and left again; this time, I waited a few seconds while comparing the two paths - and suddenly the content was there; so now I know that an "empty" folder may simply be so full that WebOS takes several seconds to display the list of files.



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