I've looked around the forms and the internet, but haven't seen any answers to the following two questions:

1) Where is the photo located that the preinstalled Verizon contacts use. Whether it's an actual photo or not, how do I set my own Verizon contacts that I've added to show the same photo?

While trying to create a photo for the first question I found it hard to get a photo to fit into the cropping square presented by the assign photo tool. I found that while I could zoom into a picture to make it bigger or zoom-out after making it larger that I could only zoom out to original picture size. Also, if I made the picture smaller in PaintBrush, that the Pre's tool would expand the picture to fill the width of the tool, so that it always extended beyond the square.

2) Does anyone have any guidance on what picture's pixel height and width should be and what part of the picutre would 'naturally' fit into the cropping square?