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    I have 3 different car chargers, and it seems as though when I have any of them plugged in and I use my phone for something, they quit charging. It still shows that they are charging, but the battery % (patched) begins to drop instead of raise. If I unplug it and replug it, it begins to work again until I use the phone. Not a huge deal, but it is kind of annoying. Does anyone have any idea what this is all about, and how can it be fixed.
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    be sure you are usig a palm-branded car adapter.

    if you have enough stuff going on at once (bkuetooth, gps, streaming music, phone call) its possible the charger can't keep up, but it will at least slow the battery drain...

    radioshack is blowing out palm branded auto adapters for less than $10
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    the Palm charger provides 1A output where a lot of other USB car chargers only output 0.5A, so if you are using the phone for anything and the power draw is more than 0.5A, you will drain the battery instead of charge it. Same with USB ports on a PC.

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