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    After deleting some files through the WebOS utility repair, I can not get into my sounds & ringtones card anymore because I always get this message now:"template load failed: soundsalertsconfig/soundsalertsconfig-scene.html" pops up as soon as I tap the sounds & ringtones icon. This has been really frustrating for me to figure out. Please HELP. I have ene tried manually replacing that file. Is it a "scrim" that I need to load back?

    Because of this, I have no active areas to tap on screen just the error message at the top, so I can't even actively tap ANYWHERE on the screen.
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    time to take your pre to the DR.
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    Want to know if there is any other way to get this done and back up without doing that. Sorry i should have specified that i want to try to avoid "Dr.-ing" my phone.
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    When you say you tried to manually replace the file, what was the process you attempted (how did you try to replace it)?
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    I used WebOSqi and delted the file and then tried to manually type in "soundsalertsconfig/soundsalertsconfig-scene.html" with proper file root to replace it. When i added the file, WebOSqi said it was successful, but i get the above problem still.

    I then used utility repair(both ways) to see if that fixed it, and still it is not there. I will paste a pic of what i am getting when i tap sounds and ringtones...
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    Hopefully this explains what i need to change (scrim???) when i open up the sounds and ringtones icon area...
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    NACHO B you are the man!!!!!!!!

    "This house is clear!!!!!"

    It is fixed....SOLVED...Complete!!!!
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    I'm having the same problem. How did you fix the issue?
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    Are you familiar with Internalz or WebOS Quick Install?
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    You need to be able to save a certain file using WebOSiq.

    If you answer Nacho to the above questions then either one of us can walk you thru it.

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