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    So i installed preware onto my palm pre and i went through everything and i went and installed the virtual keyboard. Well it says that it installs and shows it that it did, but i cant use it. It wont come up or anything. When its installing it says offline root mode: not running and idk if that has anything to do with it. Also i have the newest version of webOS quick install and there wasnt a way to put the package service manager on it. Could that be the problem?
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    Try going into usb mode deleting the vkb folder then re-installing as normal
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    the preware 1.0 allready include package manager service , you dont need to install it , try what 063 said and try installing again !
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    Ok it works for messaging now, which is pretty much the whole point, but do you know why it isnt working on everything else, and how do i change what it looks like?
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    The icon that looks like a gear will open a theme menu to change it's appearance
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    my virtual keyboard gets the right side cut off in landscape mode anyone know how to fix this.... it seems to size up for the pre's larger screen

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