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    I was able to download the mobile hot spot app from the app catalog when palm reluctantly put it on there for a short time. I got the app to install on my Sprint pre and went through the setup. I can get my computer to connect to my phone but I get no internet access. My Pre displays the notification that I am connected and the computer tells me I am connected but when I open up the connection on my computer it is active but it says local only no internet. Is there something I am missing and I did search all of the forums and none of them describe this problem and they do not reflect if you got the app from the app catalog.. I need help please.. thanks
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    you need the freetetherD, to forward your IP, it can be found in preware I believe. Also grab the auto forward IP Patch from Jason.

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    Actually, uninstall the current Mobile Hotspot app you have, download and install the two files from here using WebOS Quick Install:

    Reboot your phone. Make sure bluetooth is off when running MHS. Also keep in mind it may take up to a minute or so for your 3G connection to come back after enabling MHS so be patient if you don't get an internet connection right away.
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