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    I bought Salling and uploaded my itunes library. Works great and supports playlists and most of the album art came through just fine. I have one question, all of the 20th Century Masters - The Millenium Collection: albums are grouping by "various artists" rather than as the individual artist's name - very annoying. I can't find anywhere in the itunes info lookup where this info could be edited at all so can anyone tell me how to fix so these albums will sort by appropriate artist? Thank you!
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    ummmm idk weather i should downgrade itunes to something lower to use it what do you think
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    Success! In itunes info, locate and uncheck the "part of a compilation" box (some of these albums are complilations but not all) then uncheck all those songs and sync the palm pre. Finally, recheck the previously unchecked songs and then resync again otherwise Salling doesn't recognize the change. After rechecking and resyncing all those albums now show the correct artist's name rather than displaying "various artists" (unless of course the song is part of a compilation album.

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