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    iTunes sync is broken and doubleTwist has serious issues with syncing music to the pre. Is there any other good alternatives to those software that anyone has had success with? iTunes manages my music library fairly well for the desktop. DoubleTwist has to import the library each time something is added to iTunes and then it duplicates tracks when syncing, which fills up the pre with multiple occurrences of the same track. It doesn't seem to actually copy over playlist lists either, although I can sync playlists it doesn't generate those on the pre. It's not very good.
    Anyone have a suggestion for music management on a mac?

    edit: are there any homebrew patches to spoof the vendor ID / model information over USB to enable iTunes sync post 9.0.1?
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    Salling Media Sync - does a much better job than DoubleTwist at updating podcasts and iTunes playlists. It just sits in the menu bar and waits until you plug in the Pre.

    It's been working great for me.

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    Missing sync has a Mac music sync component too, but I haven't ever tried it because I don't generally put my music on the Pre. Every other component of Missing Sync works flawlessly though.

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