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    Why is Palm not fixing a known critical issue with SMS since the latest update? The issue is with corrupt numbers. What happens is that if you receive, miss or dial a new number not stored in your phonebook and you send that number a SMS once the number then becomes corrupt. When the number becomes corrupt then you cannot send or receive an SMS from that number. I have several critical numbers that I need to message every now and then but cannot do so because of this BS!!! Palm top tier tech support reps knows that this is an issue and says that Palm is working on a fix. The problem is that this has been going on since the 1.4 update!!!!!! This kind of stuff makes me hate this POS phone!!!!!

    Now that I am done venting the only fix for this is to partially erase the damn phone everytime you get a corrupt number which really really sucks!!!!
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    I've got this issue with my girlfriend's phone number, have to use google voice to send her text messages. It is very annoying.

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