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    Would really like to be able to save e-mail attachments without opening them. (Especially if the Pre doesn't have an app that will open them.)

    Does anyone know of a way to do this?
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    The only way I have been able to get attachments that are not .png or .txt is to rename it as a .png on a pc, send it to my email, download it, copy it to photos, use internalz to rename it back to the correct .x then move to whichever file.
    I don't know an easier way I'm afraid.
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    Doesn't really help if you are receiveing e-mail attachments and you need a way to handle them (without access to a computer).
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    I know its not very helpful, I'm wondering if a script can be made to perform this rename, save, rename back all within the phone so that we can have save support for more file types.
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    It appears to me that when you tap on an attachment of an unsupported file type (like WMV) it downloads first before you get the "no app for this file" error... Anyone know if it ends up saved somewhere that you could locate with Internalz ?
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    I hope someone can fix this!!

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