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    I had the UI restart problems for a long time now, probably as all of you have. However, it has been random restarts so far, so I could live with it (while waiting for the fix). But since yesterday, I have this annoying restart every single time I try to open the messaging app. Yesterday morning, I received notification of 2 new text messages. I could read the first one, but on the back gesture the restart happened and does it now every time I try to open the mess. app. Restarting, rebooting does not help at all.

    /edit: OK, now it is getting funny. I had above problem for a day now. Just after posting, I head the idea to open contacts and hit the sms button next to a contact - guess what, now I can start the messaging app again. I don't get it......
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    Don't know but your only real fix in those situations is probably gonna be running WebOS Doctor.
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    try getting the following
    a. webdoctorquickrepair.
    b. a copy of the latest webos doc (binary)
    you need both in the same folder to work. What this does is that it compared the binary, with wat is in your pre- and see if any files are missing and reinstalls them. Hope this helps.

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