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    has anyone else had a problem with being signed out of their palm profile? earlier this evening i went to update an app. it failed to update. i closed app catalog and tried again. no luck. restarted phone and then when i opened app catalog again phone said i had signed out of profile. it asked if i wanted to try and sign in or erase phone. i told it to try again. phone wiped anyways. when it came back up i had to start at the sign in for the palm profile. my theme is still on phone and patches are working. none of homebrew apps are on device and all non stock apps failed to install. any ideas before i doctor my phone tomorrow night?
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    I am still logged in to my Palm Profile yet still can not download from the App Catalog. Install Fails everytime. Anyone else?
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    I cannot install anything from the app store at the moment
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    I have the same problem. I passed the doctor and still the same.
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    Havimg the same problem, not the first time either ..
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    I've done a full erase, and I can't install apps
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    Same issue here in Germany. Pre totally wiped, homebrews gone, patches still work. But also my free NFS, Sims etc is gone.... this SUCKS
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    The Palm Pre forum has news from Palm that it is a Palm problem:

    I wouldn't erase or doctor until we hear more on this.
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    I had the same issue a day ago. I tried to download a game and it stuck on loading so I erased the icon in my launcher which made my phone resett. when it came back up I had to re sign in like I had just got a new phone and everything was gone except my patchs. The only problem now is that my patchs are not detected, and I worried about the next update coming will it cause a issue with my phone.
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    Palm is having a problem on their end - app catalogue causing errors -- this is a universal issue.

    DO NOT try to fix it yourself - e.g. do not reset phone or take out battery - it may sign you out of your pre profile and you will lose data stored in your apps and email, call history, etc.

    SHORT-TERM FIX: If you have been booted out of your profile, restore that first (going through the set-up screens). After that, (or if you have not been kicked out of your profile, just go right to this step) - and until Palm lets us know they have solved the problem - go to the "Date and time" screen. Turn off Network Time. Manually change the date to sometime in April. Then restart your phone. Your apps will re-load (minus any info you had stored there... bummer...). This will take a few minutes. Do not bother beginning to re-type any info you keep in your apps - you may lose it again and that would be even more of a drag. Do not reset the date to the correct date until Palm fixes the issue. Better to have the wrong date and the use of your apps...

    Also - check to see if you need to re-set your email accounts... some do, some don't.

    DO NOT try to update any apps or download any apps after this. Not until Palm has fixed this issue - otherwise you'll be back where you started.
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    FYI everyone, posted by Palm:

    An update on the Palm App Catalog

    If you’ve experienced any issues downloading or updating apps from the Palm App Catalog recently, rest assured that Palm is actively working to remedy the situation. If you’ve purchased an app, the transaction has been properly recorded and as soon as this issue is resolved, you’ll be able to access all apps you’ve purchased (or, in the case of free apps, requested to download).

    We believe the situation will be resolved soon, although some apps may begin working properly again sooner than others. For additional status updates, follow @palm on Twitter or check back on the Palm blog.
    Joe Hayashi, Palm Product Management

    Posted by Palm, Inc. at 01:10 PM | Permalink
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    (There was also a link to the Palm Blog, but this site wouldn't let me post it because I still have fewer than 5 posts - sorry guys - you'll have to find it yourselves if you want to check... (or do the twitter thing...)
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    According to Palm, this issue has been fixed now.

    Check the message directly from @Palm on twitter:
    (since I cannot post a link until I have posted 5 times on this site, below is the best I can do to give you the link, if you want to see the info yourself...)

    Go to http colon / / twitter (dot com), then /
    then "palm" (w/out the ")
    then another/
    then "status" (w/out the ")
    then the numbers 14066685074

    Sorry can't do better than that until a couple more posts...
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    According to some, if you changed the date to reload your apps, you can now change it back to the correct date. I plan to wait a couple of days to be sure, but folks are saying it does work now.
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    I had an issue with this yesterday morning. Tried to upload a video to youtube and it wouldn't go. Nothing new really, so I restarted my phone. When it rebooted it said I had an app I previously tried to download that had failed. I tried to open it up and it said I wasn't logged in to my palm profile.

    Restarted again and had to go through everything like it was a brand new phone.

    Lost all my stored info in my apps and my high scores on ydice.
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    Same here, what is going on with Palm? I cant do anything with the app catalog nor can i update any apps!!...They posted that it was fixed but thats not entirely true!!!...come on Palm, get it right!
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    Yeah, I've now been signed out of my profile 3-4 times recently and had to reload everything!
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    This exact thing happened to me yesterday!!! All my patches are working, but Preware doesn't recognize them as being installed!!! LAME!

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