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    hi i have the palm pre plus im tring to change my theme i have downloaded the webos part and now im downloading the doc and after it as done it said it wouldnt work can anyone help please
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    You should be able to erase themes from doing a webos doctor,if nothing else work. webos quick install should also erase themes.
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    well im starting with a new pre and im tryin to get every thing downloaded into my laptop and it wont do it am i doing sometging wrong
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    i just tried to download it again and all of it just dissapeared nothing popped back up at all and i cant find it in my computer
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    You need to provide more detailed information in order for someone to help you. What did you download? Where did you save it? What did you download next? What did you do? That sort of detail will help someone help you.

    I assume you've read and understood the instructions here: Exactly what steps have you taken (be specific) and what was the result?
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    you will get your themes from preware.
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    ok have turned on my dev mode on my phone already i went to the webos quick install v 3.12 i clicked on the download part whaen it downloades that a little box popped up sayin i need this to run it the webos doctor so i clicked yes i have already checked my java its up to date now when the webos doctor is at 100 persent it just dissapers off my screen and i cant find it anywere in my computer
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    Check your Downloads folder or run a search, then move webOSDoctor to the same folder in which you placed WebOS Quick Install.
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    If you are using Firefox:

    1) Go to Tools>Options or Edit>Preferences

    2) In the "General" tab select "Always ask me where to save files"

    This way in the future, your computer will ask you where you want to save downloaded files and you can choose where to put them on your computer.

    That way this problem will never happen again.

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