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    Hi I have a palm pre plus with verizon wirreless. I reciently opene my google maps application and I pressed the my location button and it shows me in the area but not exactly where I am. Trapster is the same way until I am driving for a few mins then it picks up my exact location. I checked for updates that's all done. I have restarted my phone and checked my location services. Everything is ok. Someone tell me what exactly is wrong. Maybe some helpful tips or tricks? My location is ohio in the youngstown area.

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    yeah it never gives you the exact location. Nothing to worry about.
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    Ok I just thought something was wrong with the app or phone. Cuz sometimes I will open it up and it will show me several streets over. I did overclock my pre plus with the 800 MHz patch but honestly my phone runs smooth and fast as all get out. My only noticeable problem with this patch is my battery drains a little faster.
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    It starts by getting your location based on where you are in relation to local cell towers. Then, the longer it's open, it fine tunes your location. I know in the Foursquare app the first reading is +/- 1000m but it tells you it's getting better accuracy. It will then display your accurate reading, like +/- 10m, and give you the option to refresh. Google Maps just automatically refreshes when it gets a more accurate reading.

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