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    So i installed the ''No-Pause'' patch and it worked good. I decided however to remove it via QI.

    After removing it i have a ton of problems...

    1. Camera/Video will not load up anymore
    2. Can not watch any previously recorded videos on the phone
    3. Can not watch any youtube Videos anymore
    4. Actually Cant watch ANY Videos..Youtube, or streaming videos
    5. Just noticed today when i got to the gym that my Music player will not load now. It just stays on the circle loading screen.

    I read somewhere that when i removed the patch, i removed a key part of the OS system and using Doctor will not replace the missing file.

    So does anyone out there know how i can fix this issue? I really don't wanna bring this back to sprint again for a replacement. They finally gave me a Pre that was worth keeping, and then this happens...
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    It removes a particular file pm me your email address and I will send you the file or you can extract out of webosdoctor
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    I believe I did something similar as well can I just wipe the phone and start fresh?

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