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    When a call comes in my phone will answer when I touch anywhere on the screen--not just on the green "answer" target. Then, when the call is connected, the screen sleeps (goes black), so I can't see the caller id. I have to press the power button to wake the screen up again (sometimes multiple times), which occasionally disconnects the call and forces a luna restart.

    If this is a quirk of my phone, how on earth would I stop this behavior--because I am constantly answering calls by accident and hanging up on people to whom I want to speak (and the whole "Sorry, it's a new phone" excuse is getting old).

    If it's not a quirk, then perhaps a patch is in order? I would like to make the target absolute--as in, only the green target answers (and only the red target ignores), and I would like to prevent the screen from sleeping (going black). I have a long-life battery, so keeping the screen on during the entire call wouldn't be bad for me, but I know this would annoy most people. Is there a happy medium--prevent screen from sleeping for the first 2 minutes of a call?

    Thanks in advances for any thoughts or suggestions.
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    the screen darkens when it senses being put to your face to disable the buttons. It will do the same eventually if you hold it in your hand with a headset. That prevents pressing keys. The power button and space bar (if you have the slider open) wakes it up.

    On my Pre+, I have to touch the target and slide it up to answer. when it's on the touchstone, it doesn't answer unless I hit the green target. Touching elsewhere doesn't answer the phone.

    Do you have any theme installed? I use the OSX theme, so I don't recall if the phone behaved exactly the same before I put on a theme.

    But, it sounds like your phone is not behaving as it should.

    The part about hitting the power button multiple times and then restarting is part of what other threads are discussing around random restarts. When you get that hesitation with the power button, you know an automatic restart is about to happen. You should just tell them you will call them back, because they wont be able to reach you when the call drops until the phone is done restarting... Some of those threads on random restarts might give more info on preventing that. What I've found is that I do a restart any time I apply a patch, remove a patch, change or tweak anything that isn't standard WebOS stuff. Just like I reboot my windows PC, although that doesn't take 5 minutes like my phone!

    I've also noticed that it hasn't happened since I turned off Dev Mode. Are you you in dev mode? I always left it on, but with so much being added to Preware, I find I din't have to use QI as often. Dev Mode isn't something that you should leave on anyway (although most of us probably did anyway)

    Try turning off dev mode and see if that helps. There is also an app that lets you schedule restarts, so it can start fresh in the morning by resetting the phone at night while you sleep through the amaxingly long reboot (I think there is a floppy disk inside the phone that it boots from...j/k)

    Can you provide more info on any mods/themes/patches you are using. Maybe a movie or screenshots?

    The Luna t
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    Also, if you put the phone up to your face, the screen should come back on when you move it as the proximity sensor recognizes phone movement - just like an iphone.

    the thing about where you tap to answer the phone, that sounds like a problem - because it's not how my Pre+works, or obviously how you would expect a phone to work...
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    I have patched, themed and mod-ed this phone beyond recognition from the moment it came out of the box. I am somewhat obsessed with customization. It has never been a problem on any other app or function, but perhaps something isn't playing nice with the others?
    I am running:

    Theme: Default (Right now... but happened with all themes I've tried)

    4x4 Icons v.5
    Add Roam Control to Prefs
    No Autodial from Call log
    System Menu Today Menu
    System Menu Transparent Full Width App Menu
    System Menu Initial Framework
    Enable Dialpad Vibration with Audio
    Character Counter
    Hide Amazon mp3, NFL, Sprint TV, Music Player, Twitter Global Search, Media Sync
    Share Larger Videos
    Change EV to 3g
    Personal Avatar
    SMS Tone per Contact
    Date as Carrier String
    3000 Autoreplace
    Ad Blocker
    Add Option to Send Link Message
    Add Space between Snooze and Dismiss
    Alarm Daily Options
    AM-PM Indicator in Top Bar
    Battery Icon as Percent
    Change number of Bookmarks
    Close on Hangup
    Default to Month View
    Disable Landscape Gesture Scroll
    Enable Add/Delete Pages
    Enable Landscape YouTube
    Enable Personal Avatar
    Jump 1 Word at a Time
    Launcher Page Tabs
    Match State to Area Code
    More Default Snooze
    No Auto Refresh after Idle
    No Missed Call Callback
    Notification Repeat
    Replies/Forwards in Black
    Roam Only in Device Menu
    Swap Reply2All with Move
    Swipe to Delete (Contacts)
    Timestamps Clean
    Unthrottle Download
    Virtual Keyboard (Free Patch Version)

    You know... upon writing this all out, I wonder what it was I liked about the phone in the first place. With everything here, I have practically quilted together a whole new phone.
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    holy crap. I thought I had a lot of patches (more than 40) but you need an intervention!

    did your phone recently start the strange behavior for answering the phone? I did a full doctoring before the release just so I could be a little more organized in how I applied patches - so I could pay attention to any error messages or conflicts. The few quirks I had seemed to be cleared up by that...

    If I were you I'd want to doctor just to make sure the standard phone app will work on a stock pre. That way you know it isn't hardware-related... it's certainly more likely that it's something that crept in with all the patching... and that's pretty hard to identify.

    There is a backup capability in preware now (haven't tried it) that should make it more automatic to get all your mods back after a trip to the doctor.

    I can't think of anything else because my phone app has always behaved normally.
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    Yeah... writing that out was very cathartic. I think I may have a problem...

    The update was fortunately released right before I got the phone, so I was actually able to do the update before I even used the phone for the first time.
    I already have the PreWare Backup Utility, so I guess I'll try to clean it out and then reload patches one-by-one to figure out which one is the offender. I pray it isn't a hardware problem, because at this point I am far to dependent on this phone to actually have it repaired or, worse, wait for a new one.

    If I figure it all out, I'll repost--just for the edification of the community. In the meantime, thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.

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