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    This may have been answered before, but I couldn't find anything about it. How secure is wiping the pre using the device info screen's "Full Erase" feature. I'm getting a replacement Pre today and want to make sure that none of my personal data is recoverable. I realize I'm being kinda paranoid but it would make me feel better knowing someone isn't accessing my stuff. Thanks!
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    look for instructions for a "bricked pre"

    There is also an option for doing it from the device settings app and OSDoctor, but when I tried the method for "bricked" it took longer and seemed to do more tasks.

    I always do that before replacing a phone. It's not paranoia if people REALLY ARE out to get you...

    Have fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Once you select Full Erase, there's a Secure Erase option which will take more time.
    Other option is to doctor with an early Webos version. (1.1.x or lower, not sure about 1.2.1)
    thanks, didn't realize it was that easy.
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    I pointed PhotoRec (PhotoRec - CGSecurity) at my Pre and it recovered every photo I've ever taken with it, including, I'm pretty sure, those that were taken before I last Doctored it.

    Will the Secure Erase option prevent even this kind of image or file recovery?
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    I guess I can run the Secure Erase and then try to PhotoRec it again.

    I don't know much about how the Doctor works. If I secure erase the Pre with a third party tool, I can still re-flash it with Doctor right?
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    Ok, I'll start with the built in Secure Erase and then build up to stronger methods until PhotoRec can't find anything on there.

    I'll report back what I figure out.
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    Fyi, I did a Full Secure Erase, and PhotoRec was not able to recover anything from it afterwrds. So I guess that is a sufficient wipe to use before selling or trading in your Pre.

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