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    I'm trying to figure out a potential problem with my Pre's Mail App. I have a Sprint Pre that's running the new OS 1.4.1

    I have the Mail App set up to receive emails from my two POP email accounts - on earthlink - and also with one IMAP account (gmail). It works well with incoming emails...

    But the problem I have is with DELETED emails.

    Deleting emails is a pretty simple process. I can either do a sideways swipe of an email to delete in list view - throwing it OFF the screen - or if I've opened the email, I can simply Tap on the Trash icon in the lower right-hand corner. Both ways work and the short-term result is that the email gets deleted.

    So far so good. BUT THEN - according the official Pre Help Doc, once a message is deleted, it "goes to the account's folder for deleted items."

    Eventually if that folder - the Trash Folder - gets too full - all kinds of bad things happen. Emails start to slow down - the email App starts to have random freezes or misfunctions, etc etc. So the simple solution should be to simply EMPTY the folder for Deleted Items - aka EMPTY THE TRASH.

    But.....I've searched all the Mail account preferences....and apparently there is NO WAY to access the Trash Folder for POP email accounts???!!!!

    Pre Mail lets me access/modify all kinds of things in my gmail account - which is IMAP and not POP - but it doesn't seem to have ANY way to access or empty the Trash folder for my two earthlink/POP email accounts.

    Am I missing something here??? Is there a simple way to empty my email Trash Folders that I'm not finding? Or is this a serious flaw in the Pre's OS? I realize a lot of people use gmail exclusively but I don't - I need and depend on my 'regular' email accounts as well.....and I don't want to accumulate a folder full of hundreds (thousands?) of email messages that will ultimately slow down/clog my Pre.

    Can someone HELP me out here please????

    Muchas gracias!


    EDIT: SOLVED the problem! Spent 15-20 minutes on phone with Sprint Tech Support who were friendly and courteous but couldn't answer the question. Then called Palm Tech Support directly and they gave me the solution - the simple way to ACCESS and EMPTY the Trash Folders - which is built in to the main Mail Page but in my ignorance (!!!) I hadn't figured out yet. Thank heavens for people smarter than I am!!!!
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