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    Got a quick question with how wifi reacts when not in a wifi area. If I have wifi turned on and am not in an area with wifi available, shoudn't wifi turn off until an SSID is found? Reason I'm asking, is I recently moved from 1.4.0 to and while at 1.4.0, I always left wifi on, but while at work and not in a wifi area, I wouldn't notice the wifi symbol in the upper right hand corner. Now after moving to, I see that the wifi symbol is present when not in an active wifi area. Any ideas?
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    I beleive, IF Its turned ON, the icon will always be present, as it has to be searching for a signal.

    I dont know/remember if this was the case with 1.4.0, but it should have been.

    I always turn my wifi OFF when I know Im not in a wifi area, as it does tend to add to battery drain..
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    I believe it is the case that you didn't notice the WiFi icon's presence in 1.4.0 when not in a WiFi zone. I know it was always there for me. thorne
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    Also --- if you have WiFi ON ... should you turn OFF Data usage on your phone? Is there some type of override on the phone that knows if you have selected WiFi that you should not be using your phone signal?
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    Who cares what it automatically does?

    Why not just have it do what you want it to do instead??

    Are you using the tool, or is it really using you?

    HINT: Use the "Device Menu Megamix" patch, by Jason Robitaille.

    There's also one or two "profile" apps that automatically change based on the time of the day and such. Worth looking into...

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