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    Hey guys,

    I had to swap out my Pre a couple of times (first one lasted me several months before the power button crapped out, then the first replacement they gave me had the ribbon cable put together wrong and the touch screen was unreliable). I activated my replacement phone today and restored from my Palm profile. Well, everything synced except for about 75% of my apps, all of which were from the App Catalog (with one from the beta catalog, the beta of Foursquare). The apps that are missing include:

    Need For Speed Underground
    DZ.Tanks (or something like that, the new Scorched Earth/Worms clone that costs like two bucks)

    Here's the kicker. When I go to the App Catalog to try to redownload them, none of the missing apps will show up in the catalog. I search for them, browse to where they ought to be, etc. No dice. Palm's support was completely useless (telling me to "just search for them in the app catalog and redownload them" about a thousand times while I told them that that was exactly what I wasn't able to do, and eventually telling me they couldn't help me). Apparently something somewhere thinks those apps are installed, too, because I have the infamous "Application updates are available" with no updates available issue.

    Has anyone else run into this issue? Any idea how the heck I can fix it?

    Edit: I've done every combination of battery pulls, doctoring, and full and partial resetting imaginable as well.
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    Interesting. Went to and sent the link to my phone. I click it and it says "This application cannot run on your current operating system. Use the Updates app to install the system update and try again."

    I am running and there is no system update. What now?
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    Got my MSL and did an RTN reset. Same problem, no dice. This must be something in the Palm Profile.
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    Palm support has been useless on this. They supposedly scheduled several phone calls which never took place, and the support through the forums leaves much to be desired.

    This problem is on the device, as it remains with a completely new Palm Profile.

    Any ideas?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Have you tried doing a Full Erase and creating a brand new Palm Profile with a new e-mail address? If that doesn't work you can always go back to your previous profile of course.
    from last post

    Quote Originally Posted by tgies View Post
    This problem is on the device, as it remains with a completely new Palm Profile.

    And I shouldn't have said "on the device"; more precisely, I think it is on Palm's backend in a data structure bound to the device ID.
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    I'd be more than open to doing that if Palm would actually offer to help me in any material way whatsoever. I'm told that a ticket has been created in their bug tracker, but that does nothing to help with my immediate situation. Palm needs to realize that I am not a test case, I am a paying customer who is missing the features I literally bought the phone for.

    It's now been a month I've been unable to use any of my paid apps or anything. Palm support is literally unresponsive at this point.
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    I would suggest sending a PM to HardBeatZ (Palm forum member). Perhaps he could look into it from his end.
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    That's sort of bizarre and messed up that I should have to hunt down a guy who works for Palm on another forum and sort of sidechannel into the support process to get my issue actually handled in a timely manner.
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    The member I mentioned works for Palm and has been awesome at monitoring the site and helping users out. To me that's pretty awesome... but if you would rather contact Palm or your carrier - that's good too.

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