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    So, I had an issue with a few things...pauses during gaming, 3g connections not staying, the phone was acting up so I doctored it. Have everything restored, very minimal patches now, running Uber Kernel and CPU Scaler Ultimate. The only issue I notice now, right after I receive a text message, if I'm in the app, the phone pauses for a second, it seems to continue my typing right after the pause if I typed during it...this cause for concern? Anything I should do? Anyone else see this?

    Kernel: UberKernel 1.4.1-16, CPU Scaler Ultimate 2.1.2
    Theme: Original Blue by Nights
    Patches: 4x4 v1, Add Bing and Yahoo and Remove Twitter, Device Temperature Warnings, Hide Amazoon Mp3, Hide Musicplayer App, Hide Nascar App, Hide NFL App, Named Pages in Launcher, Personal Avatar Left Side, SMS Tone per Contact, Timestamps Clean, Unthrottle Download Manager
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    I think it may be the uberkernel. I have the same lag, only sometimes, when I get a text. I don't remember that with spk. I am sure they are working on it to make uber the best kernel available
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    Yeah, I'm noticing it in one or two other spots also. Forgot what I was doing before, but when it pauses, you can't get the LED to light by pressing the gesture area either, it certainly "hangs" the phone for that split second or two...

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