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    I just traded for a pre and it had a hard reset when i got it. Im trying to get the 720 or 800mhz patch (do they both drain battery equally?) I did a cpu check and its showing 600mhz. I dont know how to uninstall them i tried "sh /var/home/root/ uninstall" and "sh /var/home/root/ uninstall" but all i get is sh: can't open /var/home/root/ but its still showing 600mhz. Thanks.
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    still no luck i removed the "sh"
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    root@palm-webos-device: /var/home/root
    /var/home/root: Permission denied

    I enabled developer mode anything im missing?
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    root@palm-webos-device: ls /var/home/root

    i tried uninstalling them and i get permission denied.

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