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    I was fumbling with my phone this morning and deleted the phone/calling icon.
    How do I get it back???
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    if you mean fromthewave bar it should be easy.

    bring up the launcher. Then scroll down and side to side until you find the phone icon. Just hold it a few seconds then drag it back to the wave bar.
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    it isnt in the launcher either
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hulk0507 View Post
    it isnt in the launcher either
    Scroll around and flip between pages as well. You cannot delete the phone icon by tapping and deleting it. It is somewhere in the launcher if it is not on your quick launch bar.
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    I had that happen once (the phone icon disappeared), rebooting the phone fixed it.
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    fixed, I woke up late this morning and did not have time to really look at the problem.

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