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    I know I've done it before, but I can't remember how. I can listen to the mp3 file, but I can't seem to figure out how to save it to my phone from the email. I may be crazy, but couldn't we do that with the eariler versions of WebOS? Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
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    *bump* I have the same question
    and if we can't save the mp3 directly from the email app, where would I locate the mp3 file in Internalz?

    [edit] after some searching I found the indirect process

    Quote Originally Posted by _aa_ wrote:

    I have a cumbersome, but functional solution.

    If you have WebOS Internals' Application:Terminal - WebOS Internals installed or have developer mode enabled and use novacom..

    Email attachments are stored in /var/luna/data/attachments/ but then obscured in "bucket18" and "part_4784987389739873897" directories, for example.

    Perhaps someone would care to simplify the process but you can locate your attachment with..

    find /var/luna/data/attachments/ -name *Aphex* locate that fresh Aphex Twin track your buddy sent you. Then use "cp" to copy that file to "/media/internal". Then the music app will find it.

    Hey, palm? How about a patch to store attachments in "/media/internal/Attachments" instead of "/var/luna/data/attachments/"?
    how to save email attachments? - Page 2 - Palm Support Community
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    I would like to know as well, is there another way, other than what was listed above?
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    Still pretty tedious.
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