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    I have super pre kernal installed but i would like to have the cpu monitor app called govnah. It's not in preware(Inless in other than default feeds) could someone help me out as to where to find it?

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    it is in the preware testing feed. Govnah won't monitor the Super Prekernel cpu tempature like it does with Uberkernel.
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    awww... that sucks... whats the difference between uber and super?
    does uber have the gui like super?


    also, what is the link to the preware testing feed so that i can add it to prewware
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    I also have it listed in preware not for sure what feed it is coming from

    I seen it there but wasn't sure what it was till now
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    I can't comment on Uber. However, I have been using Super Prekernel since caj2008 brought it out. Smooth, easy to install, easy to switch between MHz settings. I really, really like this. So far, very dependable.

    Would enjoy hearing from a user that has tested both Uber and Super to have a nice comparison though. Any takers?
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    @caj2008 ''we use device temp app'' are you referring to an app that can be used on the pre? If so would could I find it since I have looked but to no avail.
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    also i want to give super kernel a try.. what is best to monitor the heat from the cpu ?
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    I have Jason's patch installed and battery monitor, I thought you were referring to a app that graphs your temp like govnah does. Reason I would like one is that my phone seems to be heating up really quickly lately and is completely sporadic with the heat. It is constantly floating around 40 with only minimal load and this was before I installed any kernels. Anyway I have SPK now and my device temp seems to be a bit better with cpuscaling but an app to check would be great because I'm worried for my baby.
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    ok, i will get Jasons patch then. thx

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