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    I tried to make a short video and the audio is way off sync. Any idea how to over come this?

    Sorry if this is already posted somewhere.... I searched, but damn, there are so many posts here.....
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    Was the recorder the only app open? If not the recorder probably requires enough resources that it needs to be the only thing running. I used it a couple days ago and had it freeze 2 times during recording. It would start up again after around 2 seconds but it's present in the video playback.
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    I'm having problems with audio and video sync as well. Maybe overclocking has an ill effect on video recording? I have the uber kernel and around 40 patches
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    I just recorded 2 videos with terrible audio/video desynchrony? And I also just recently installed the Uber Kernal patch and Used Govnah to the screen based scaling mode. Is it overclocking that ruined the sync between audio and video? I tried 2 short tests with different Govnah settings but couldn't replicate the problem....the videos I had problems with were a few minutes long, though, so maybe length is also a factor? Experts needed???
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    I also have this issue on every video I record. Usually I record video with multiple cards open though.
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    If this is a common problem without overclocking, does Palm know about it?

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