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    I need help with a problem. When I plug the USB chord into my Toshiba it does not detect the Palm Pre - the Palm automatically displays "charging battery" but will not show the options: usb, sync, or just charge....

    what is wrong with my phone?
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    Did you ever use the just-charge patch?
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    this happened to me. go into terminal or terminus and type in "mpt x". if this doesnt work than it might be something wrong with the usb cord or usb port.
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    Are you in developer mode? That is how it will recognize it for quick install, etc.

    If you choose USB mode, then you will see the open area of the phone as a USB drive...

    What are you trying to do?

    Also, be sure you use the Palm branded cable. All usb cables will let you charge, but some cheaper cables have a pin missing (apparently) and it won't see the phone when connecting for quickinstall and the doctor. Blackberry cables seem to work with the pre.

    I don't understand why, but I read somewhere on PreCentral that there is more than one implementation of the micro-usb cable and not all of them are pinned the same.
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    also, while you are charging there should be a little icon in the notification area at the bottom. Tap it and it should give you the choice to switch modes.

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