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    I am apparently doing everything right - have PPP in developer mode, USB connected to PC on 'charge only', have correct java running, have quikinstall and webOS doctor .... i download the 256k file and the 5.3mb file, and load them in that order in quikinstall.. but when i hit install i get this message:

    ERROR: An error occurred while attempting to install .com.1337tech.superkernelinstaller
    (arch_priority=0 flag=16 want=2)

    An error occurred, return value: 4
    Collected errors:
    Cannot find package com.1337tech.superkernelinstaller
    check the spelling or perhaps run 'ikpg update'

    It APPEARS to install the small file, but crash on the large one, because i actually get the "super..." icon on my phone, and when i click on it i get the "do not push anything yet" red message while it checks kernel version and lunasys...., but after 10 minutes of waiting it hasn't yet progressed past that.

    So then i delete the superkernel app icon from my layout (don't know if that actually takes it off the phone). When i'm doing that, it says the superkernal file is 2016 kb in size.

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    you may try installing through the custom feed for preware. makes it 10x easier

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    Double check under Services on your computer that PalmNovaCom is running. I shut mine off every time I unplug my Pre from the computer and have to restart it.
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    nomreman: i made sure nova was running ... no change.

    butters: how do i access the custom feed for preware?

    Note that i am able to download lots of other homebrew apps right now, it's just this one that is messing up.
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    Butters, i have installed preware. How do i use the custom feed to install the 800mhz patch?
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    make sure you uninstall any of the other 550, 720, or 800mhz patches as well, sometimes you cannot install the new patch due to an old one being installed. there is a link to uninstalling the patches using the command line at (sorry you need to copy and paste since I dont have enough posts yet.)

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