I live in a rural area with very little options for internet, and what little there is is insanely expensive for below average speeds. I'm used to getting over 3 mb/s download speeds where I used to live, and after being spoiled by that it's hard to go back.

The family next door, my in-law's actually, have a Clearwire connection and get anywhere from 1.5 to 2 mb/s. Not bad for what they pay, but we can't all share off the same connection, especially when it comes to playing over XBOX Live or streaming videos.

I recently tethered my Sprint Pre to my computers, and Xbox, however with my EVDO connection, I'm only getting on average 0.5 mb/s download speeds. This is pitiful.

So, my question is, if I got one of those Sprint signal boosters or something like that, would I be able to increase my EVDO speeds, therefor increasing my internet speed through tethering? Or does the booster only apply to the actual phone signal and I'd merely get better reception?

I'm running out of options and need a higher speed internet soon. I'm a Computer Science major and my wife also is in college, and both me and my brother-in-law are gamers. We can't live off of 1.5 mb/s, let alone 0.5. Is there anything I can do?