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    great job! How do you do it!
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    As usual, great work guys. Uninstalled old and reinstalled new without any problems.
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    Hi, I looked in your and didn't see kernel sources. Since it is OpenSource project, would you post those please? Thios would make it GPL compliant.
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    This is the greatest thing in phone apps I have ever seen. Awesome work!
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    w00t!!!! The previous releases and emails didn't work but this release works perfectly!!!
    No longer part of the 600 club!!!
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    Awesome, got this thing working finally. I'll be donating to you as soon as I get paid this week!
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Have been told by several people that this kernel compared to others appears smoother...what do you think as the question was raised
    All I can say is that it's lightning fast on opening everything.
    Pre Plus Verizon.

    GPS, web, take a sec still but I'm sure that's due to internet.
    Everything else is 0-60 in 1.2 seconds. Quarter mile in 6.5sec at 350MPH
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    Just a note of praise:

    I've been using my Pre on a Touchstone for teleconferencing at work. After setting the kernel to 800mhz and talking for a half hour, the phone was frighteningly hot (I don't have any temp sensor software installed, but it almost burned my hand).

    This morning I had another teleconference. Open up Super PreKernel, revert to the original kernel, a few minutes later I'm on the phone for an hour + and the phone is just a little warm. Really convenient...
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    I don't even know what to say. This is fantastic. Lightning fast and noticeably snappier than original release...and no 600 club.

    Truly incredible work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Have been told by several people that this kernel compared to others appears smoother...what do you think as the question was raised
    Honestly I think the fast card app would only appear to slow this kernel down. The apps really load that fast. You tap the app, the card comes up then forward, almost no time for the "glow" around the icon. Some don't even have time for the card to rise before it is full screen.

    According to many the Google Maps app is painfully slow normally. I have seen times posted from 7 to as long as 14 seconds. Mine loads in 4.5 seconds with this kernel.
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    Will there be a Preware release?
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    I just installed the 800mhz kernel on my brother's phone, but /proc/cpuinfo only shows 597mhz.... Kind of odd. I followed the exact same method when doing it on my phone. They're both Sprint

    Any ideas?

    Edit: Yeah, I should have read the rest of the posts in this thread
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    Installed the new kernel today (having been a 600 club member before) and it's working brilliantly. Thank you!
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    One more note...

    I began with CaJ2008's and Unixpsycho's original file and figured out a way to install it from the phone instead of using WOSQI. That was fun and helpful and the kernel was great.

    Then they worked on streamlining and making the install easier with the ipk's and when they were ready, I made the leap and those worked well for me too.

    Then I started experimenting with scaling using CPUScalerUltimate and then Govnah and didn't like the heat and battery drain I got while scaling.

    Then I moved to Uber Kernel and Govnah but still had heat issues while scaling and so I went to a static 800MHz again. UK seemed more stable and I liked the processor temp feature but I still had a couple of the same hang/luna restart on wakeup issues, but not as many when I would close Govnah.

    Then I participated in Caj's test of the Super Pre Kernel. It is by far the most stable and fastest kernel yet and so far none of the issues that all of the previous kernels had in one form or another.

    The work these guys have done has allowed the kernels to get progressively better every step of the way.

    So thanks to all who have been doing this very complex work for the benefit of the community.
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    Again, where are the kernel sources?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy9174 View Post
    "ERROR: An error occured while attempting to install .com.l337tech.superkernelinstaller_1.4.1_armv7.ipk

    Clearing state_wante and state_flag for pkg=com.l337tech.kernelinstaller (arch_priority=0 flag=16 want=2)
    An error occured, return value: 4
    Collected errors:
    Cannot find package com.l337tech.kernelinstaller.
    Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'"

    Any ideas? Just webos doctored my phone before installing this so it should be clean.

    Edit: Ok so that was for the first part, the smaller one, and the larger file looked like it installed properly, i havent run the application yet, what should i do from here?
    I've been having this same issue, but with both files. I uninstalled the 800MHz ipk i had on before and still have that error message pop up. I also have webos quickinstall 3.12 installed on my computer. Any ideas?
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    funny you should mention the google maps app. It is still taking mine about 14 seconds to load. Sometimes it wont load, dont get me wrong I am NOT complaining just trying to get give some insight
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    Quote Originally Posted by caj2008 View Post
    Ypu need to install package manager and then preware in WOSQI feeds, then you can install ipk files
    i have preware..and i'm pretty certain i also have package manager..
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    Way to go guys! Much better than the 1st gen. It was getting sluggish i noticed and my Pre would lock up sometimes. Now things are really snappy running @ 800Mhz! Keep up the good work.
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    Had to doctor my phone 3 days ago and had trouble getting the 800.ipk installed. Once installed it really seemed to eat the battery as compare to the flawless performance before the doctor. Just took that out earlier tonight thinking I'd just wait for the super kernel to be released. Fantastic to see it ready now!!!! Installing as i type

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